“Untitled” New Work-in-Progress with ‘Cubed’


A new work-in-progress with “Cubed”

Sculpture: Michael Alfano 

Choreography: Adriane Brayton & Fernadina Chan, in collaboration with the dancers 

Music: “Bloom” by Christopher Stracey; “Articulation (Midori Hirano Remix)” by Rival Consoles; “Exit Music (for a film)” by Black String; “End of Sky” by Hang Massive

Dancers: Adriane Brayton, Mayra Hernandez, Flora Kim, and Jennifer Roberts 

The creation of this work-in-progress is supported by the AiR Residency grant at ArtAssembled funded by the Somerville Arts Council 

Save the Date!

Continuum Dance Project will also be showing our new work-in-progress on July 16th 2022 at Somerville ArtBeat. The performance will take place at the Somerville Theater in Davis Square at 1:30 pm.