“Untitled” New Work-in-Progress with ‘Cubed’

Untitled – A new work-in-progress with “Cubed”

Continuum Dance Project’s newest evening length work explores a multi-layered connection with Michael Alfano’s interactive sculpture “Cubed”. “Cubed” is built like a jigsaw puzzle, consisting of nine moveable pieces. Each piece is pigmented with a different skin tone, representing individual diversity within a united community. Fitted together they form a 4’x4’ face, depicting a male image on one side and an inverted female on the other. This new cross-disciplinary dance challenge audiences to consider the nuances of race and the label of gender; while empowering them to interact with, touch and take ownership of the work.

Sculpture: Michael Alfano 

Choreography: Adriane Brayton & Fernadina Chan, in collaboration with the dancers 

The creation of this work-in-progress is supported by The Boston Dancemakers Residency, made possible with support from the Aliad Fund at The Boston Foundation, and the AiR Residency grant at ArtAssembled funded by the Somerville Arts Council 

Photos by Adrien Sipos