About the Company


Continuum Dance Project Receives a 2020 Live Arts Boston Grant from the Boston Foundation. Continuum Dance Project, in collaboration with visual artist Myrna Balk, is excited to announce the creation of a new evening-length dance/theatre work examining historical and contemporary stories of immigration, culminating in a public performance at Pao Arts Center. This project is made possible by a Live Arts Boston grant from the Boston Foundation. Check out the other fantastic grantees/projects here https://www.tbf.org/nonprofits/grant-making-initiatives/live-arts-boston. See, too, the newly published article about the LAB program written by WBUR.


Continuum Dance Project (CDP) under co-directorship of Fernadina Chan and Adriane Brayton, is a Boston based dance company focused on creating site-specific work, cross-disciplinary collaboration, and reflecting the values and backgrounds of our collaborators. Founded in 2013 by Fernadina Chan, Founding Artistic Dean of Boston Arts Academy (BAA), CDP started as a collective of BAA dance alumni. It is a choreographic laboratory for Boston Arts Academy dance alumni to work collaboratively and explore new choreography; it is a forum for these young artists to develop their voices. The project grew out of a collaboration between these young dancer’s high school mentor Fernadina Chan, and three dancers Adriane Brayton (2007), Mayra Hernandez (2005) and Mary Ellen Liacos (2007) when they created ‘Shifting Scape” (2013) as a response to climate change, which premiered at the Boston Museum of Science. Since its inception, Continuum Dance Project choreographers have created work for three seasons of the Across The Ages Dance Project; performed at Dance For World Community; produced their first concert “EVOLUTION “at The Dance Complex in 2014. They have collaborated with culinary artists Dani Coleman and David Kriz to create four seasons of their site-specific interactive fundraising event “Pairing” – pairing dance and food at a Victorian house, in an award winning shade garden, and at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline MA. Now, under the Co-Directorship of Adriane Brayton (class of 2007) and Fernadina Chan, CDP received the prestigious Boston Center for the Arts (BCA) Choreographer Residency in 2017 and created its first evening length collaborative and site-specific work.

Its self-produced second concert “EXPERIMENTS IN 3” represented Continuum Dance Project’s continuous interest in presenting work in unconventional spaces. In this concert, the audience traveled through 3 different studios; immersed in different environments and explored new vantage points for viewing dance. In some pieces, depending where the person sat, he/she experienced a different version of the same piece or saw a different performer.

In its short history, CDP’s artistic vision has evolved from the curated proscenium stage concert format for its 2014 debut concert, to more risk-taking artistic experimentation in its use of space and cross-discipline collaborations. In 2017, a 5-week residency at the Boston Center for the Arts afforded CDP the opportunity to create its first full length site-specific work “Passage Through Blue” in collaboration with visual artist Soyoung L. Kim. CDP made dances in small nooks, behind curtains, and in tiny closets. The open performance space was transformed with movable screens and sculptural art installations, creating passages for the audience to discover the dances. The luxury of having full access to the space throughout the entire creative process fueled choreographic experimentation and facilitated cross-disciplinary collaboration. Continuum Dance Project continues to push the boundaries of site-specific dance, audience interaction, and cross-disciplinary collaboration.