About the Company

Continuum Dance Project started as a collective of dance alumni from Boston Arts Academy (BAA). The mission of Continuum Dance Project is to create a choreographic laboratory for Boston Arts Academy dance alumni to work collaboratively and explore new choreography in their post secondary or post college dance making journey. It is a forum for these young artists to develop their own voices. The project grew out of a collaboration between these young dancer’s high school mentor Fernadina Chan, founding artistic dean and dance chair of Boston Arts Academy, and three dancers Adriane Brayton (2007), Mayra Hernandez (2005) and Mary Ellen Liacos (2007) when they created ‘Shifting Scape” as a response to climate change in 2013 for the Center for Arts Education at Boston Arts Academy. Since its inception, Continuum Dance Project choreographers have created work for Across The Ages Dance Project’s last three seasons; performed at Dance For World Community; produced their first concert “EVOLUTION “at The Dance Complex in 2014. They have collaborated with culinary artist Dani Coleman to create a site-specific interactive fundraising event “Pairing” – pairing dance and food at a Victorian house in 2015 and are planning a reprise “Pairing II” in April 2016 at a different venue.

Its self-produced second concert “EXPERIMENTS IN 3” represented Continuum Dance Project’s continuous interest in presenting work in unconventional spaces. In this concert, the audience travelled through 3 different studios; immersed in different environments and explored new vantage points for viewing dance. In some pieces, depending where the person sat, he/she experienced a different version of the same piece or saw a different performer. Continuum Dance Project continues to challenge the convention of dance viewing.