Pairing V

Pairing V: Forage in the Park Collection

An Interactive Food and Dance Event






Foragers 360VR

Forage in the Park

Viewing: Feel free to view these videos in any order you choose. Try different ingredients and see which you would prefer to forage first. Photos by Albert Wong.

“…the whole thing seemed Shakespearean. The animalistic foragers seemed to be part of Midsummer’s Night Dream or The Tempest.” -Heidi Whitman

“I also love the 360 perspective; it invites prolonged interaction with the piece–the possibilities for viewing and interacting with it are endless………I especially loved that the stage set involved the architecture of trees in a natural setting. I was in awe with the ways the dancers used the trees to create gorgeous shapes and movements………” – Maria Morelli

“Site and costumes were lovely. Light playing through the leaves of the trees was fantastic. The dancers were accentuated by the light streaming through the trees.” – Kathleen Anderson

“Terrific work with the 360 degree camera.  I love the perspective of the food and seeing the foragers come towards and over the camera.” – Lori Landay

About “Pairing V: Forage in the Park Collection”

“Forage in the Park” is the fifth iteration of Continuum Dance Project’s popular series “Pairing”, an interactive food and dance event. ‘Forage’ was originally conceived as a live outdoor performance at The Allee at Larz Anderson Park, Brookline, MA. The pandemic changed the structure and viewing of the work. While adhering to social distancing and safety guidelines, and without sacrificing our vision of ‘Forage’ as a site-specific and interactive dance, we decided to create a work specifically for video. We experimented with a 360VR camera, which allows the audience to be immersed in the virtual space, and filmed in the original location, The Allee and its surrounding area. In the end, we created a collection of 7 videos, each a stand alone work.

Pairing V: Forage in the Park Collection consists of:


  • Apple 
  • Cherry 
  • Mushroom 
  • Strawberry 
  • Walnut
  • Foragers (360VR interactive)

The Main Course – Chefs’ Whim

  • Forage in the Park

Viewing Guide for Foragers (360VR interactive)

Foragers, made with a 360 VR camera. Enjoy a 360 degree, interactive dance experience; for best results view in full screen mode. 

If viewing on a computer, drag your mouse side to side to enjoy the interactive nature of this film. If viewing on your phone, swipe your finger side to side, or move your phone laterally to change your perspective. Follow one dancer or keep turning to see all the ingredients in this dish!

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